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Turkey Drinking Systems - Easyline

For the first time turkey stags can now be taken to heavy weights using a nipple-based drinking system. The Lubing Easyline has adopted all the successful elements of the tried and trusted Lubing nipple drinking system and developed them to suit the needs of turkey production.

The traditional 22mm x 22mm pipe has been replaced with 28mm x 28mm pipe. Everything has been made bigger to become “turkey-proof”. The system is easier to clean than bell drinkers and, because it winches to the roof at cleanout, is quicker to set up ready for the next growing cycle. 

The key elements to the system are the drinker cups and the unique pendulum nipple activator.

When moved by the turkey’s head, the pendulum triggers the nipple to release water and fill the cup below. The turkey drinks from the cup itself but is drinking water that is freshly replenished with each visit. Traditional bell drinkers allow the water to get dirty and warm.

For starting day-old turkey poults a small ball is placed in the cup which maintains a constant level of water in the cup. The balls are usually removed by day 5.

The Cups

Two types of cup are used depending on the size of the turkeys grown. The narrow cup is for rearing birds up to approximately 6 weeks when the broader finishing cup is used.

Where turkeys are taken from day-old to depletion a combination of lines with rearing cups and lines with finishing cups is used.


The Lubing Easyline turkey drinking system has proved to be a huge success in the USA and Europe. Producers are benefitting from the combination of a clean water supply, easy management and faster cleaning and set-up periods.

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