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The world’s favourite broiler drinking system carries the Lubing name. The reputation for high performance, absolute quality and longevity means that few broiler producers look elsewhere.

The Nipple

The system has evolved over many years but remains true to the original idea. The latest nipple, the Top Nipple, has become the industry standard whether it be in entirely stainless steel form or the plastic bodied version.

The “Top Nipple” has a 360 degree action that is ideal for chick starts, they find water almost immediately with no need for supplementary drinkers.

As the birds grow they drink by pushing the pin vertically thereby increasing the flow rate. By managing the height and water pressure the broiler grower can achieve perfect flow for his birds.

The “Top Nipple” is made from just 3 elements: the body, the top pin and the bottom pin. Even in the plastic bodied “Top Combi Nipple”, the contact points are all stainless steel to stainless steel. You will not find neoprene washers that perish or ball bearings prone to blockages in Lubing nipples.

All Lubing nipples are also available with reduced flow when drip cups are not required.

The latest Lubing single arm drip cup has been designed for easy access for birds and easy cleaning.

The System

Standard Lubing broiler drinker systems start with a lever tap for isolating individual lines. From here the water flows through a smooth braided hose into the new Lubing “Optima” pressure regulator where the pressure can be set accurately to ensure perfect flow rates.

At the other end of the line the Lubing “Flush Breather” indicates that the line has sufficient water at the correct pressure setting.

For houses with slopes the lines can either be split or “Slope Regulators” can be used. These units take out a set fall of 4”, 6” or 8” and are easily installed retrospectively.

The 3m lengths of PVC 22mm x 22mm pipe can be fitted with nipples at space settings from 12” (10 nipples per 3m) to 6” (20 nipples per 3m), the most popular being 8” (15 nipples per 3m).

The nipples are installed in the pipes on our purpose built nipple installation machine in the UK. This means that we can be flexible and prepare a variety of systems at short notice.

The pipes are attached to aluminium profile and packed ready for despatch to the installation site.
When on site the Installation Engineer fixes our suspension materials to the building and connects the 3m lengths of drinker pipe with rubber joiners with clips.

The system is then ready to be flushed through with clean water and tested.

Water Control

We always recommend that incoming water is filtered and the pressure regulated. Lubing supplies the complete solution with a wall mountable Water Control Panel (below). 

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